Person of interest in deadly Tulsa fireworks stand robbery questioned, released

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Tulsa County Deputies responded around 11:30 to shots fired near 65th and Charles Page Boulevard
  • About 30 minutes later, the sheriff's office confirmed they found a body near 65th and Edison
  • Investigators say the owner of the stand's son jumped into the suspect's truck; they believe a suspect was the person killed
  • He was identified as 15-year-old Jake Ulrich
  • The second man is a person of interest identified Wednesday as Jack Leeray Ulrich. He called police to be brought in for questioning on Thursday and later released pending investigation.
  • The stand owner and son was questioned and released.
  • Tulsa County deputies also say that a search in Osage County is connected to the incident

A fireworks stand robbery on Tuesday turned into a homicide investigation and a person of interest was brought in for questioning.

Around 11:30 a.m., Tulsa County deputies responded to a fireworks stand near 65th and Charles Page Boulevard.

Witnesses said two men robbed the stand of about $600 in fireworks; the owner followed them and a shootout started.

As the alleged robbers tried to get away, the stand owner's son jumped into the bed of the pickup and continued firing, before the owner got out.

A passenger was shot in the chest. A woman later found the body in the truck.

Investigators believe he was one of two suspects. They identified him as 15-year-old Jake Ulrich.

WATCH: Family members create memorial for teen killed in Tulsa fireworks stand robbery

The second man reportedly involved remains on the run. 27-year-old Jack Leeray Ulrich was identified as a person of interest.  A witness said he was picked up in a red car.

Jack Ulrich turned himself in for questioning on Thursday. He was later released pending the investigation.

The district attorney's office released this statement to FOX23:

"The district attorney's office is working closely with the Tulsa County Sheriff's office in investigating the recent events at the fireworks stand. There are multiple witnesses that still need to be formally interviewed and there are questions that we don't yet have the answers to regarding the facts of the case. We have filed no charges yet against any of the parties in question and will be taking a looking at the entire incident as the interviews become available."

Deputies investigated and the stand owner told FOX23 the car was his, not involved with the suspects.

He said he followed the truck when his son jumped in the bed. The son was later identified as 37-year-old Johnny Mize Jr.

The fireworks were recovered, but were taken by deputies as evidence.

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