Black Wall Street Legacy Festival held this weekend to celebrate Tulsa, inspire hope

TULSA, Okla. — The Black Wall Street Legacy Fest is happening this weekend. As we approach the 101st remembrance of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, fest organizers said it’s important to keep building and learning about legacy and generational wealth.

On Greenwood and in north Tulsa, after 101 years, residents continue to try and rebuild. Not just physically, but within their families’ legacies.

The two-day event is filled with summits, luncheons, and other education and entertainment based events.

Chief Egunwale Amusan, who is one of the organizers said with the festival and the lawsuit against the city regarding reparations which recently got the green light to move forward will be a part of the reconciliation conversation.

“[It will] help provide momentum. It’s hard to get people to appreciate or empathize with people who lost this generational wealth. It’s hard to have empathy when you don’t know what was lost, what was taken, what was stolen, what was burned if you don’t know,” he said.

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