Bixby residents still dealing with flooding from recent storms

BIXBY, Okla. — Bixby Southtown resident Emmett Beasley showed FOX23 a tunnel under State Highway 64, just east of Mingo. Drivers should easily be able to drive through this tunnel, but the area is still blocked by debris and water.

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Beasley said, ““You can see the debris piled up five to six feet above the opening. Those are two 8x8 ducts, you can drive pickup trucks through. And you can still see the logs. That duck decoy is still here from the day of flooding.”

He continued, “They had told the city at 7:30, if you don’t start cleaning this, because it’s clogging up, those neighborhoods are going to flood. And, sure enough, they did.”

Another resident, Brian Stern, said he wants the city to clean out this debris.

“When it was cleaned out before, it’s worked properly. And the city’s claiming it’s functioning properly at this time. And I can’t buy that,” Stern said.

FOX23 reached out to Ward 4 City Council Member Brad Girard. He represents Southtown, and he declined to comment. Girard deferred FOX23 to the Bixby City Manager Jared Cottle.

Cottle’s office told FOX23 he was unavailable for comment when we stopped by his office at the Bixby City Works Department.

With more rain possibly headed their way, Southtown residents are demanding action.

Beasley said, “They still, day eight, have not even tried to come down here and clean this. And, what happens if it rains.”