Bixby water levels increasing, evacuations recommended

VIDEO: Floodwater approaches Bixby home

Street Closures in Bixby 5/30 at 7 a.m.

  • 191st at Garnett is closed due to water
  • 191st at Mingo is closed due to water
  • S 129th E Ave at HWY 64 is closed due to debris and road conditions
  • Do not attempt to drive through barricades or high water!


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BIXBY, Okla. — 191st is closed at Mingo. Water levels on 191st at Garnett and on 129th at HWY 64 are also high and continue to rise. Residents impacted by these roadways will have two hours to evacuate or shelter in-place before they are closed. Bixby Police and Bixby Fire will be driving through neighborhoods (i.e. Deer Run, Bixby Ranch Estates) making notification by knocking on doors and/or over intercom. For residents who do not evacuate, sheltering in-place will be required until waters recede. Access by emergency services, including medical services, could become impossible.

Evacuation shelter available - Faith Church, 1901 West 171st St. in Glenpool

Flood impact 5/28: Sand bags are available in the White Hawk area for Bixby residents. The National Guard is limiting bags to 25 per vehicle.

City of Bixby officials are continuing to monitor water levels and local impacts.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced plans to reduce Keystone releases (275,000 cfs) over the next 48-72 hours to return the River to below its flood stage. Local rainfall accumulations in Bixby are over an inch and a half (1.6”) during the latest round of storm systems. The City is continuing to monitor water levels and local impacts of residual street flooding. Residents MUST remain prepared and vigilant for flooding conditions in low-lying areas. Do not drive into water or barricaded areas!

Due to access issues related to rising water levels at the entrance to Parkwood Garden Homes (Stadium Rd and Main), residents there should evacuate until flood waters subside.

New street closures include Main from 2nd to the entrance of Parkwood (resident traffic only), Stadium St from D Ave to B Ave (resident traffic only), B Ave from Stadium to Bixby Street (resident traffic only). Conditions at 129th E. Ave., south of Highway 64 are a particular area of concern that will continue to be monitored for potential closure.

Primary evacuation routes that should be utilized are 151st St, West of Memorial Rd, and Memorial Road North of 171st. Avoid the following routes when exiting evacuation areas: 171st Street, 174th Street, Memorial South of 171st, Hwy 64 and 129th, Hwy 64 and Garnett, Hwy 64 and Mingo.

Evacuation Shelters in place include - Crosstown Church of Christ, 3400 E. Admiral Place, Faith Church, 1901 West 171st St. in Glenpool. ADA service animals can be taken to the shelter locations. All other pets can go to the temporary shelter at Tulsa Expo Square Fairground Pavilion (south entrance) from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Residents should note the following guidelines when preparing for evacuation:

  • - Prepare immediately for self-evacuations. Due to a high volume of emergency response calls, emergency personnel may not be able to provide individual notifications.
  • - The City of Bixby is utilizing the following tools to convey information to the public., City of Bixby – Municipality Facebook Page, local media and Nixle. Residents can opt into Nixle by texting 74008 to 888777.
  • - If you leave your home, take all electric precautions by switching off the main breaker to electricity and disconnect any emergency power system, like generators.
  • - Have a packed bag with prescriptions and clothing for a multiple-day period
  • - Charge your cell phones and place them in low-power mode, put valuables in a higher place, bring your pets with you
  • - Leave your home with important identification for you and any members of your family and take videos/pictures of your home for insurance purposes
  • - If you are an evacuee or someone you know is evacuated and requires home health care and/or in-home hospice care, you need to let your health care agency know where you are sheltering so you can continue to receive services.
  • - It is important to have a two-week supply of prescription medication on hand and ready if/when you evacuated. In addition, have copies of all prescription medication with dosage, prescribing doctor, and pharmacy. This includes mental health medications. Communicate this message with those in your life who may need assistance with this.
  • - Communicate with members of your family who need to take these precautions but have physical limitations that may prevent them from doing so.

Residents and businesses along the Arkansas River in Bixby are preparing for flooding from the river.


The City of Bixby recommended evacuations due to the flooding threat:

The Army Corp of Engineers has recently announced they will begin releasing 185,000 cfs at 10AM, 205,000 cfs at 12:00PM, 215,000 cfs at 2PM.  Based on these water levels Bixby is recommending evacuations for neighborhoods, homes and structures in flood plain areas. To check whether your home is included in this area visit and enter your address.  The increased flow will arrive in Bixby at approximately 6PM.

Available shelter is at Crosstown Church at 3400 E Admiral, Tulsa, 74115.  This is the only shelter at this time. We will follow up at approximately 11AM with an update.

FOX23's Naomi Keitt went LIVE on Facebook showing some of the rising waters Friday morning:

LIVE: Tracking Bixby Flooding conditions

FLOODING CONDITIONS: FOX23 Naomi Keitt is in Bixby this morning checking on the rising water in several local communities: FIND SHELTERS >>> HOW TO HELP >>>

Posted by FOX23 News on Friday, May 24, 2019



"Primary evacuation routes that should be utilized are 151st St, West of Memorial Rd, and Memorial Road North of 171st.  Avoid the following routes when exiting evacuation areas: 171st Street, 174th Street, Memorial South of 171st, Hwy 64 and 129th, Hwy 64 and Garnett, Hwy 64 and Mingo."


  • Riverview is closed at Stadium
  • 174th is closed at Mingo – Residents are advised to use South 129th or 191st to Memorial.
  • Mingo is closed at 139th.
  • Riverview is closed from Jefferson to 148th
  • 151st is closed from Riverview to Mingo
  • Mingo closed from 151st to 161st
  • 161st is closed from Mingo to Garnett
  • Garnett is closed from Hwy 64 to 161st
  • 135th is closed from 86th to 87th in the Blue Ridge neighborhood (134th between Memorial and Mingo)

Bixby city leaders anticipate possible flooding issues in the following spots:

Shallow Flooding of Up to 1 Foot:

  • Downtown Bixby from Memorial to Riverview, South of Needles to Bixby Creek
  • Riverview Terrace

Shallow Flooding of Up to 1 Foot: However with the antecedent moisture conditions, the following neighborhoods should be prepared to evacuate upon future notification:

  • Johns Park
  • Saker
  • Southtown

Officials also addressed the possibility of limited access to certain areas of the city:

"No flooding is expected in Deer Run Estates (181st and 129th E Ave) and Bixby Ranch Estates (201st and 137th E Ave). However, access to those areas will likely be limited starting at midnight tonight.  Residents in these areas should be prepared to shelter in place for an extended period of time or evacuate.  Drivers who typically utilize 129th and/or Mingo Road to access Hwy 64 from the South are also under the same above advisory." - City of Bixby

FOX23 Sports Anchor Nathan Thompson went to Bixby before the flood on Thursday and got a look at the possible impact on the district's athletics facilities.

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