Bixby math teacher preps students for state testing in unique way

BIXBY, Okla. — Bixby Middle School math teacher Simon Macfarlane is helping students prepare for state testing in a unique way.

Macfarlane has made parody music video’s on YouTube, use’s a Rubik’s cube or breaks out a guitar.

He said when his math class is in session it’s not all about learning geometry from a textbook, he has Rubik’s cubes for that.

For other subjects like the Pythagorean theorem, he busts out a guitar, wigs, and outfits to make a catchy song.

“Kids get confused the most on which side is ‘c’. I always tell them ‘c’ is the longest side and that brought back the Billy Joel song the “Longest Time” and I just started singing that and I said what if we start singing that so kids can remember,” he said.

Over the past two years, he’s worked on this parody, “c’s the longest side,” for students to learn the concept and be prepared for state testing and in general.

He said writing the tune was easy, but editing the video was the hardest part because he plays all 11 characters in the video.

He said although the Pythagorean theorem isn’t the hardest concept, he does notice a difference since the video dropped on YouTube last week.

Just look up Sam Macfarlane on YouTube and you can see the full video and his other video that received national attention, “Nice Nice Functions,” a play off of “Ice Ice Baby.”

State testing in Bixby starts next week.