Bixby mail trouble prompts action from U.S. congressman

BIXBY, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Bixby residents say they have had trouble receiving their mail.
  • Congressman Jim Bridenstein said he is getting involved.

Mail issues in Bixby have prompted Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s office to get involved.

For the past few months, residents in different areas of Bixby say they have either not received their mail or it’s been delivered to the wrong address or their mail is late.

The issue has become so bad, that city councilor, Richie Stewart reached out to Congressman, Jim Bridenstine’s office for help.

FOX23 spoke to his office as well and was sent this statement in regards to the ongoing mail issues in Bixby:

<em>"Our office is aware of the mail issues Bixby residents are experiencing, and we have opened a Congressional inquiry in response to this situation. We are in communication with the Oklahoma District of the United States Postal Service. They have assured us that every effort will be made to identify where the internal breakdowns have occurred so the Postal Service can effectively provide our constituents with the level of service they deserve. We are thankful for the local leadership of Councilor Richie Stewart who brought this situation to our attention, and we will stay engaged in this process."</em>