Bixby City Council address upset residents over major flooding during severe weather

BIXBY, Okla. — Outside a packed meeting room, upset Bixby citizens watched from a hallway, struggling to hear city leaders explain how water rushed into their homes on May 5, 2022.

This was the flooding that day along south 171st, between Memorial and Mingo.

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According to the City of Bixby, the unusually high rainfall caused Snake Creek to overrun its banks, flooding the neighborhoods with several feet of water.

City council members also tried to address rumors like improper drainage, clogged tunnels and earth moving related to development.

They affirmed that Snake Creek caused the flooding and proposed a few possible ideas.

Residents aren’t sure about what the city had to say, but they certainly need help.

Many residents at the meeting also don’t have flood insurance, making this loss especially painful.

Since the meeting was a working session meeting, citizens weren’t allowed to comment or ask questions. They’d have to wait for an opportunity for their voices to be heard.