• Officer Betty Shelby claims 'Crutcher's death is his fault' during Monday testimony


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Betty Shelby took the stand Monday morning 
    • She faces manslaughter charges in the shooting death of Terence Crutcher
    • An alternate juror stepped in after another's illness; he'll be the only black male juror


    The Tulsa police officer accused of manslaughter in a September shooting took the stand Monday.

    Jurors heard directly from Betty Shelby as she shared her life and the events leading up to Terence Crutcher's death. 

    She mentioned joining the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office in 2007 with 2300 CLEET certified hours. She also made the training manual for Tulsa County Court guards. 

    Evelyn Petroski

    In 2011, she joined the Tulsa Police Department.

    FOX23 learned in testimony that she once had such an emotional reaction to a quiz that she had to leave the room. 

    WATCH: FOX23's Preston Jones went through Shelby's testimony

    Testimony revealed she never drew her gun while with the sheriff's office, but drew dozens of times with TPD. In all cases except for Terence Crutcher's, she said the suspects complied. 

    She says she had never fired her weapon on duty before the September 2016 interaction with Crutcher.

    She said she does not regret what she did, claiming that's what she was trained to do.

    Shelby told the court she could smell PCP on Crutcher, although she never told Tulsa police that during her interview.

    Shelby says she’s practiced more than 1,000 times for her testimony since September with her attorneys. 

    During cross examination, the state brought up several quotes she made during her "60 Minutes" interview. 

    She told the court she didn’t have time to pull out a Taser, to which the state replied with "but you had time to pull out a gun."

    Shelby says that, as an EMT, she could have ignored her colleagues request for her to help Crutcher after she shot him, and she said she ultimately decided not to go render aid. 

    She says when she shot Crutcher, she didn’t realize her backup had arrived.  

    Says she has “no regrets," and that Crutcher "caused his own death.”

    “I did everything that I could do to stop this,” Shelby said. “Crutcher’s death is his fault.”

    Three other witnesses testified about prior interactions with Crutcher. They said they came into contact in 2012, when he allegedly resisted arrest. OSU officers said he resisted twice and refused to raise his hands. 

    Two other people also testified.

    Dr. Kris Mohandie, a clinical psychologist who boasts work with the Los Angeles Police Department, says he was paid $20,000 for his testimony. 

    Mohandie claims Shelby's crying has nothing to do with her state of mind when the actual shooting took place. 

    He also said there wasn't anything aggressive in Crutcher's behavior other than his reaching in the car.

    Mohandie has a history in the entertainment industry, appearing in a number of shows.

    Another witness testified about the simulation video he made.

    Monday also meant a new juror. A member of the main jury became ill. 

    An alternate, a black male, stepped in. He became one of three black jurors on the case. 

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