• Bed and breakfast applications skyrocket in Tulsa, bringing mixed results

    By: Rick Maranon


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Tulsans are applying to turn their homes into bed and breakfasts.
    • The Tulsa Board of Adjustment says they've seen a surge of people applying to turn their homes into bed and breakfasts.
    • Some neighbors say they don't like the idea.


    Applications for Tulsa residents wishing to turn their homes and property into a bed and breakfast have skyrocketed in the past three months.

    The Tulsa Board of Adjustment, who oversees zoning changes, said they went had close to zero requests from January to May of this year, but that number jumped to at least 12 applications between June 1 and September.

    FOX23 learned that many residents who submitted applications had reportedly already posted their properties to websites like AirBnB, but they later found out that they were operating illegally, because the city had not approved of their homes to be used for commercial purposes.

    Many of the homes looking to be rezoned and approved for legal bed and breakfast type usage were located in midtown and downtown Tulsa.

    Janet Fadler-Davie is opening a B&B in the East Village. She applied for a rezoning permit, but was told that because she is in a commercial district, she was in the clear to start business as soon as she was ready.

    She told FOX23 that many don't have it so easy, especially in residential areas.

    Some bed and breakfasts have been allowed to operate with modifications. For example, a recent applicant had applied for the ability to use a property as a bed and breakfast and to host weddings and parties. The Board of Adjustment said the bed and breakfast was fine, but the parties and events were not.

    Neighbors appear to have mixed reaction when it comes to bed and breakfasts in their neighborhoods. While some neighbors have supported the rezoning, others have come to board hearings in full force to oppose the changes.

    The best way you can find out if a home in your neighborhood wants to become a bed and breakfast is by looking for tall yellow sign put up by the city notifying residents of the rezoning change.


    Fadler-Davie said the market is rapidly expanding with people wanting to open bed and breakfasts, and she believes the craze will stay booming for at least five years before some give up.

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