Bartlesville students walk out over education funding


  • Bartlesville students say they planned a walkout protest
  • They say they are angry about millions of dollars in state budget cuts
  • The district says they have not sanctioned the walkout, but they decided to allow students to gather on their field to prevent chaos
  • Safety officers and staff will be on hand to supervise as well
  • The students planned to walk out at 8:30, gathering for 22 minutes to represent a cut of $22 million that was planned to be cut
  • Lawmakers wrapped up a second special session approving a bill with $16.2 million dollars in cuts; the governor has to make a decision on that bill

FOX23 streamed the protest:


Bartlesville students walk out, protesting cuts to education budgets:

Posted by FOX23 News on Friday, February 23, 2018

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