Bartlesville School Board to discuss possible school suspension

Due to increase budget cuts and lack of raises, Bartlesville teachers will discuss whether or not they'll participate in a school walkout.

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. — Quick facts

  • The Bartlesville School Board is holding a special public meeting tomorrow to hear more public input on the possibly school suspension, since last week public comments were limited.
  • The Bartlesville Educators Association supports a school suspension in Bartlesville, allowing teachers to attend the state capital and pressure legislatures to stop cutting school funding and start raising teachers' salaries.
  • Bartlesville Educators Association plans on sending teachers down every Tuesday to the state capital during "Teacher Tuesdays." However, teachers would have to take personal time to do so.
  • The Bartlesville community overwhelming supports the possibility of a teacher walkout for the sake of the students.
  • School board and teachers expect a "teacher walkout" the coming months.

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