Bartlesville Police let public try police training simulations

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. — Bartlesville Police are giving the community hands on experience of what its like to answer a 911 call and the challenges they face.

They’ve been letting the public try the simulation they use to train officers.

It’s called MILO which is short for multiple interactive learning objectives.

MILO is a simulation experience and Bartlesville Police use the program to train their officers in how to deal with situations they’re called out to.

“Officers can come in and we can put them through multiple different scenarios so they can get sharpened skills on here that way when they go out in the real world then they ready for it,” said Corporal Jarred Burdick.

There are over 900 different scenarios in the program, ranging from traffic stops, domestic incidents, to an active shooter situation.

Bartlesville Police are letting the public use the simulation so they know what officers have to deal with.

Corporal Burdick said it’s good for the community to see what officers deal with day to day.

“I think it’s very important for them to come in and see what we deal with on a regular basis we put them through kinda true worst of the worst just kinda like the eye opener. we had some people come in with different perspectives than what a lot of us have and when they leave they’re basically on the same page.”

21 members of the public have been through the simulation this week.

“Mostly they’re very thankful and they thank us for what we do and they just didn’t realize how quickly things can turn bad…. and we’ve had people come in and just can’t get through it because it’s too emotional,” said Corporal Burdick .

Police are hoping this will give a better understanding of the challenges they face.

They say they open this to the public several times a year and will be doing it again.

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