'Underperforming sales' blamed for Baker Street Pub closure in south Tulsa

  • A popular Tulsa pub mysteriously closed Monday.
  • Viewers called FOX23 Monday saying Baker Street Pub near 71st and Memorial closed its doors for good.
  • Nearby businesses also said that the south Tulsa business is closed.
  • The Baker Street website no longer lists the Tulsa location.

TULSA, Okla. — A popular Tulsa pub shut down suddenly on Monday.

Nearby businesses confirmed Baker Street Pub near 71st and Memorial closed its doors for good.  The chain's website removed the Tulsa location from their listings as well.

Ashli Lincoln learned Houston-based Hospitality USA owned the restaurant. They told Lincoln the restaurant closed due to underperforming sales. They issued a statement on the closure Tuesday:

"The declining sales were due to a number of economic factors that directly affected Baker Street's ability to remain viable in the current economy. All employees have or will be paid pursuant to Oklahoma law. We have enjoyed being part of the community the last 6 years and hope to return to the Tulsa market when economic conditions improve."

Crews began packing up the restaurant Tuesday.

FOX23 also reached out to the Oklahoma Tax Commissioner's office, who confirmed the restaurant was in good standing with the state.


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