• BA store owner reportedly captures disturbing moment between patron and mannequin on video

    By: Preston Jones


    BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • The owner of PRIMitive said she caught someone inappropriately touching a mannequin on video.
    • Police are reviewing the video.
    • They say they'd like to talk to the man.


    The owner of a local store says someone has been spotted coming into her store and doing obscene things to a mannequin.

    The owner of PRIMitive, a boutique in the Rose District, says she has surveillance video of a man coming into her store and inappropriately touching the mannequin.

    The owner says the man has come in twice in the past two weeks.

    The second time, the video appears to show the man placing a clothed mannequin on the ground and then crawling on top of it.

    Police are reviewing the video and say it's concerning. They'd like to talk to the man in the video.

    Police say the man's actions could fall under an outraging public decency misdemeanor, defined as "any act which grossly injures the person or property of another which grossly disturbs the public peace."

    Police say the store owner can also tell the man to not come back, then file trespassing charges if he does.

    The owner says she's concerned the actions could escalate and the man may target a real person next. She's also concerned about her employee's and shopper's safety.

    WATCH: FOX23 got a look at some of the surveillance footage


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