• Aunt arrested in connection to disappearance of Tulsa children

    By: Sara Hart

    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:
    • Police arrested Shanequa Ragsdale Monday.
    • Ragsdale is accused of letting Christopher Smith and Shaquelle Cantrell leave with two kids.
    • The couple is accused of child abuse.
    • They have been missing for more than two months.
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    Tulsa police say the aunt of two kids who have been missing for more than two months is in jail in connection to their disappearance.

    Tulsa Police Department

    Shanequa Ragsdale was arrested Monday on child neglect allegations.

    An affidavit says Ragsdale, the children's aunt, basically allowed accused child abusers to take the children during what was supposed to be a supervised visit at LaFortune Park.

    DHS put Ragsdale in charge of the kids in early February, while police investigated allegations against their parents.

    Christopher Smith is accused of beating the children, and Shaquelle Cantrell is accused of letting him do it.

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    Detectives say the couple took the kids during a visit Ragsdale was supposed to supervise. They believe she let the couple take the kids back on purpose.

    They say her statements to DHS and police indicate she does not believe the couple abused the children.

    The couple has not been seen by anyone in two months. Police thought they were last in south Tulsa.

    They think the kids are in danger.

    Investigators say the case does not qualify for an Amber Alert, because the parents didn't take them by force.

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