Art exhibit to brighten future for downtown's Center of the Universe

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Local artists are working to change downtown Tulsa's Center of the Universe.
  • A new project will add LED bricks that will light when visitors step on them.
  • The project is due to be completed in May.

A temporary art display will change how Tulsans experience the Center of the Universe in downtown Tulsa for a year and a half.

ONLY ON #FOX23 NEWS -- I just got my hands on a copy of the new design plans for the Center of the Universe and the new motion activated light display. When you could see some new features tonight at 10.

Posted by FOX23 Rick Maranon on Monday, April 11, 2016

Beginning this May and lasting for 18 months, temporary bricks with LED lights in them will be placed on the path leading up to the famous brick circle.

The LEDs are solar powered and they are activated when visitors step on them. The artists say the lights stay on for a short while after they are stepped on, so visitors can trace their path.

The light path design has been approved by the Tulsa Arts Commission. It is a joint venture by local artists Geoffrey Hicks and Grace Grothaus Grimm.

The exhibit will be free to the public and will go on display in mid-May.

The artists said the bricks are made of heavy duty material and can handle people of all ages, weights and sizes stepping on them.

The popular brick circle with voice-altering powers will not be touched or altered during this project. It will only affect the path leading up to it.

The artists hope the area will get a fresh boost in popularity because of their efforts.

They said they are disappointed with the area's current state of disrepair.