• Army Corps of Engineers: Oklahoma dams are not 'earthquake proof'

    By: Morgan Downing


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • No dams were damaged during Saturday's earthquake.
    • Officials say Oklahoma dams are not earthquake proof.
    • There is no way to prepare our current dams for earthquakes.


    The Army Corps of Engineers inspected seven dams after Saturday's earthquake. They say none of them were damaged.

    They follow national Army Corp of Engineer standards when determining which dams need to be inspected in relation to an earthquake's epicenter.

    Those national standards have been in place for quite some time.

    Oklahoma's dams are not built with seismic activity in mind. They were built decades ago.

    There is no way to "earthquake proof" our current dams.

    Dams are inspected yearly and every five years they are vigorously inspected.

    There are no plans to build any new dams in Oklahoma, but if a new dam was built, engineers would certainly adjust building standards keeping Oklahoma's seismic activity in mind.

    Army Corp of Engineers officials say an easy way to look at this is homes weren't built the same decades ago, so building standard on dams can be expected to change too.

    It is unknown just how large an earthquake a dam, for example the Keystone Dam, can withstand.


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