Arkansas, Tulsa police make arrests in two-state robbery ring

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Arkansas and Tulsa police teamed up to arrest two people in a two-state robbery ring.
  • A man and woman were arrested near 27th and Sheridan.
  • Police said they believe the duo is connected to robberies in Tulsa and Arkansas.
  • A third suspect is already in jail and a 4th was captured Thursday in north Tulsa.

Arkansas state police and Tulsa police are working together to investigate a two-state robbery ring.

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They took two people into custody for an Arkansas bank robbery.

They were later identified as Byron Coleman and Tatyana McBee.

Police suspect them in several other robberies around Tulsa, including two attempted bank robberies near 56th and Lewis and 31st and Garnett.

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They were arrested near 27th and Sheridan.

Police said a suspected getaway vehicle helped them connect the crimes.

Officers believe the group is violent and have put people in danger.

They said Bobby Padillow is already in jail in connection to the crimes.

FOX23 got a look at those three suspects.




A fourth suspect, Jamari Bradford, was arrested Thursday in north Tulsa.


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