Anti-meat message on water tower draws Owasso's attention

OWASSO, Okla. — Owasso city staffers and Owasso police are studying the fine line between free speech and a free ride to jail after a vegan and animal rights activist projected an anti-meat message on the city's water tower at Highway 169 and East 96th East Avenue North.

According to her Facebook page, California resident Connie Spence used her "vegan Batman light" to project her message of meat-free living in Owasso.

An Owasso city spokeswoman told FOX23 that Spence did not have permission to post her message on city property, and the city is looking into whether any laws were violated.

The message read, "We cannot stand the thought of slaughterhouses, but our choices each meal are the reason they exist. Go Vegan!"

Many residents say they're just now hearing about the light and its message, but many of them said they are sticking to meat as a staple in their diet, and some said they thought the message was a little extreme.

One shopper said it's fine for some people to have their convictions about not eating meat, but she was fine with the meat in her diet.

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