Alleged juror comment delays trial for former Tulsa police officer

A judge said the juror will not be excused.

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Shannon Kepler's trial was briefly delayed Monday.
  • A man said he overheard a juror telling other jurors she thought Kepler was guilty.
  • The judge discussed the incident, and after testimony, the judge did not excuse the juror.

The trial for a former Tulsa police officer accused of killing his daughter's boyfriend was delayed briefly Monday.

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Shannon Kepler is charged with first degree murder.

A bystander with no ties to the case said he was sitting in the watch the trial and was on an elevator with three jurors Friday.

He said one juror told the others she thought Shannon Kepler was guilty.

The man told Kepler’s friend, who was also in court, about the comment, and that information was passed along to Kepler’s attorneys.

The judge spent about 45 minutes this morning discussing the incident, and both men testified in open court.

The juror denied making that comment.

The judge decided not to excuse juror, because he couldn’t confidently explain the context of her statement.

The defense is trying to impeach the victim's brother, Michael Hamilton, from testimony, claiming he took medicine to help him focus, and that could be a reason why he’s having inconsistent statements.