All Oklahoma QuikTrip stores sold out of beer until Monday

All Oklahoma QuikTrip stores sold out of beer until Monday

TULSA, Okla. — All QuikTrip stores in Oklahoma are sold out of all beer, and they will not be able to sell any more beer of any kind until early Monday morning.

"It's truly prohibition in Oklahoma," QuikTrip Spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh said. "We don't have any, and neither does anyone else."

Thornbrugh said distributors offered discounts and "two for the price of one" style bargains to clear out all store shelves of 3.2 percent alcoholic beer before they stocked full-strength beer for Oklahoma's liquor law change Monday, October 1.

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QuikTrip expects supplies to be restocked at stores starting sometime Friday, but those new beers will be locked up until the law changes. It is still illegal for them to sell the new full-strength beer cold until the law officially changes.

Thornbrugh is warning beer and wine consumers that he expects full-strength beer and wine to fly off of store shelves as soon as it is legal.

"We won't have a shortage at that point, it will be all logistics," he said. "We'll have more people buying beer than we have supplies for. It will then be a matter of how fast can we restock what essentially we just restocked."

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