• Protesters call for officer's arrest


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:


    We the People Oklahoma organized a protest at the Tulsa Police Department to demand the arrest of Officer Betty Shelby.

    “Ms. Betty we don’t think you woke up that morning to kill somebody; I don’t believe that. But what happened is: you did kill somebody. And you should have been arrested,” Representative Regina Goodwin told a crowd of hundreds.

    Protesters at the rally say Terence Crutcher’s past doesn’t have anything to do with the future he was working toward, and it doesn’t justify the way he died.

    Organizers also asked something of the crowd that gathered: to demand better.

     “We cannot allow- we cannot allow things to play out the way it has been played out,” says Jennettie Marshall, a speaker at the rally.

    There was also a lot of talk about solutions. It brought up a recurring theme: community policing.

    A local mother, Chay Rainey, says with every officer-involved shooting across the country the need for community policing grows clearer.

    "We need to know the police officers who are policing our community. If they don't know me they're going to fear me based off the color of my skin or how tall he is,” says Rainey.

    Now that it’s hit home in Tulsa, she and her fiancé say they have an even more urgent reason to see things get better.

    "My son is a black child; he's autistic non-verbal. That is one of the biggest fears in my life that somebody is going to hurt my child because he can't respond to their commands,” says Rainey.

    She says if thee officers who patrol her neighborhood practice community policing—getting to know those they police—it could prevent tragedy for her family.

    Speakers at the protest say they need even more than that.

    "We need folk who live in our community to police us and not come over and occupy us for the hours that they're on their shift,” says Reverand Warren Blakney, another speaker.

    We the People says they have a meeting with Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan Wednesday afternoon. They say they’ll specifically be asking him to consider ways to implement community policing as soon as possible.


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