AC units are running at full throttle due to extreme heat

TULSA, Okla. — “We’re in extreme heat. In a heat that’s not even usual for us,” said Co-owner of Pilgrim Heat & Air, Chance Riley.

Riley says their company is flooded with people calling about their homes not cooling off to what the HVAC system is set to.

“We get calls that says hey, my house won’t get down to 68 like I like, or upstairs I can’t get it below 70,” said Riley.

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And it likely won’t. Riley says there is about a 20 to 25 degree split from the outside temperature to what your unit can get the inside temperature down to.

“If you’re at a 110-degree heat index and if you can get your house to 75, 76, you’re past that 20-30 degree split so you’re doing really well,” said Riley.

It all depends on other factors like how well your home is insulated. Do you have newer windows and are they energy efficient?

“These units don’t have other gears. If it’s on it’s on and if it’s not getting to that temperature, it’s not going to,” said Riley.


Some people think shading your unit outside your home helps. Riley says it’s not true. The units are built for excessive heat exposure.

“We use American Standard, and these things are put through a torture chamber. 150 degrees, negative 20, they’re made to work in these conditions,” said Riley.

Trying to knock the air down even more can damage the parts inside the outside unit. Riley says keep the inside and outside clean of any grass to keep it functioning properly.

Other little steps to help keep your house cooler, keep blinds closed and make sure your change out your air filter.