A Muskogee man accused of abandoning half a dozen cats and kittens

Man accused of abandoning over a half a dozen kittens

Muskogee, Okla. — QUICK FACTS:

  • A man was arrested this week after Muskogee Police say he abandoned half a dozen cats and kittens, ultimately leading to their death
  • Court papers say Donald Cobler abandoned his trailer, and left three cats and three kittens in a locked inside. The animals did not have food, water or medical care, and were left in unhabitable conditions with no way to get out.
  • All six cats were either sick or injured and needed to be euthanized. Cobler is now charged with animal cruelty.
  • The Muskogee Animal Shelter says if you live in city limits and cannot take care of your pets, the best thing you can do is surrender it to the shelter. There are also animal rescues or community members who will help if you ask for it.
  • The shelter says this is also an example of the need to spay and neuter your pets. There will be fewer strays or unwanted animals if the pet population is under control.

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