918 Flea Market opens in Tulsa's iconic Rose Bowl

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa business owner is working to bring new life to the historic Rose Bowl building.

The 918 Flea Market opened this weekend near 11th and Memorial. The building used to house a world class bowling alley along Route 66.

Owner Blake Lund said the new market is a dream project that's been working on for months.

"It's going to evolve. Hopefully into really what Tulsa is looking for," Lund said.

Dozens of people crowded into the front doors minutes after they opened on Sunday morning. Lund told FOX23 the iconic building has just as much history as the unique items sold by the market's vendors.

"They put the cement on top of the dirt and when it dried, they actually dug the dirt out and that's how you have the dome," Lund said.

The building itself is owned by One Hope Vision, a local nonprofit organizations. It rents the space to the flea market on Sundays.

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