80s-themed Airbnb in T-Town now open with Pac-Man arcade and custom made Jawa from Star Wars

TULSA, Okla. — A brand new, totally awesome Airbnb in Tulsa has just opened up in midtown. Lila Halliwell and her husband, are the owners and creators of the 80s retro-themed vacation rental, “Back to the Bueller.”

The name for the three-bedroom, one-bath property was inspired by Halliwell’s husband’s two favorite 80s films, “Back to the Future” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

It took the couple about a year to get the place ready with the coolest vibe ever.

“We hit thrift stores in Colorado, Texas, and all over Oklahoma as well as sourced things from eBay,” said Halliwell. “There is an upright Pac-Man machine, a life-sized custom-made Jawa from Star Wars, lots of records, tapes and a Calvin & Hobbes mural, gumball machine, neon lights and a pink hoverboard, but it’s just a prop. It’s not like it flies or anything, unfortunately.”

The “Back to the Bueller,” is ideally located about a half a mile to the Tulsa Fairgrounds and a mile and half to Route 66.

This tubular vacation rental is the Halliwell’s eighth Airbnb in midtown Tulsa to date.

“We have a 70s-themed one called “That 70s House”, an adobe and southwest-themed one on Brookside, a couple near Utica Square that are a bit upscale, but still affordable, and we will have a two-story, Route 66-themed one near 3rd and Utica sometime in the next few months, and one near downtown called “Keeping Tulsa Weird,” which is in historic Owen Park. It’s getting hard to keep track,” said Halliwell.

Halliwell is originally from Missouri and her husband is from London.

“Both of us have lived in a lot of cities. I’ve traveled the world with Disney on Ice, and my husband has traveled the world with various companies,” said Halliwell. “We moved back to Tulsa where his parents live.”

Halliwell and her husband chose to live in Tulsa because they believed it was a great place to raise their two kids.

Creating Airbnbs is one way this couple invites others to visit and experience T-Town for themselves.

“The inspiration for all our Airbnbs has been more about meeting new people from around the country, showing them that Tulsa has fun things to do,” said Halliwell.