7th Annual Race Against Racism held Saturday in Greenwood District

TULSA, Okla. — The local non-profit, #racismstinks held their 7th Annual 5k Race Against Racism Saturday. The run is a symbolic way for runners in the community to stomp out racism, while focusing on the celebration of reconciliation efforts.

“We are building a bridge that these two worlds can start to work together and look for solutions,” #racismstinks Founder Richard Baxter said. “I want more people to make a commitment to furthering the conversation on anti-racism. It has to start with a conversation. We have to be open to speak about it that is how we are going to make change. If not we will not get anywhere.”

At Saturday’s event, speakers included historians and local law enforcement.

“I am white and I want to make sure that when I talk about racism, one I learn about racism and go back to my white community and bring awareness because they are the ones who need it the most,” said volunteer Yann Irlinger.

You can go to racismstinks.org for more information about future events.