5 Things to Know: Rogers County stabbing, BA officer's death

Georgia officers shot while serving warrant

Two central Georgia officers were hospitalized Monday morning after attempting to serve a warrant. The officers were part of a multi-jurisdiction drug task force; a man began shooting as they served a warrant at his house. Officers fired back, hitting the suspect. FOLLOW this story on FOX23 News HERE

1 killed, 3 arrested in Rogers County stabbing

One person died and another was hurt at a stabbing Sunday night at the Riverbend Arena. Officials say at least three people were arrested in the investigation into the case. FOX23 is in Inola following the investigation and the condition of the second victim. CLICK to keep up with the case.

Charges possible at end of Highway 51 crash investigation

Investigators hand over their findings Monday in the death of Officer Eugene Orr. Orr died in a crash Saturday when officials say another driver illegally crossed the middle of the road. FOX23 follows the case as the Wagoner County District Attorney receives the findings HERE.

Colder this morning, but still a nice day ahead

Temperatures remain close to normal Monday morning and into the afternoon. The FOX23 Severe Weather Team says a nice day means the best chance to get those last-minute outdoor decorations up and plugged in. TRACK the cool down moving into the middle of the workweek HERE.

South, north Tulsa fast food robberies possibly related

Robbers threw a rock threw a north Tulsa McDonald's door Sunday night; an armed man broke in to a south Tulsa Sonic less than 90 minutes later and robbed the restaurant. Officers say similarities between the robberies lead them to believe the cases were related.