5 Things to Know: QT robbery arrest, Green Country helps Louisiana

5 Things to Know: QT robbery arrest, Green Country helps Louisiana

As tens of thousands of victims look toward recovery following historic flooding in central Louisiana, Green Country volunteers are springing into action. FOX23 previously reported Oklahoma Blood Institute collecting donations to help stock Louisiana hospitals. Now, other volunteer groups are sending manpower to feed and help victims on site. Click HERE to check out their efforts and get information on how YOU can help.

Fatal Florida face-biting attacks called random, ‘crazed’

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Florida police say they may never find out the motive behind a grisly killing that included a suspect allegedly biting off pieces of a victim's face. Test results for usual drugs like cocaine, opiates and meth all came back negative, but results for substances known to cause similar outbursts, like bath salts and flakka, are pending. FOLLOW the case as investigators work on FOX23.

A reportedly stolen van led investigators to quickly solve a robbery reported Wednesday morning in south Tulsa. Officers said the van, stolen from 31st and Garnett shortly beforehand, was seen on video surveillance as a getaway car during the crime on at 61st and Memorial. FOX23 reported live from the scene, click HERE for the latest from police.

Oklahoma craft beer brewers plan on their final preparations and business changes ahead of a new liquor law. The law takes effect Aug. 26 and could change what consumers can expect on how to get the beer. Click HERE to check out the laws and the questions that surround it on FOX23.

A Muskogee woman came out of her house to investigate commotion when police pepper sprayed and arrested her. The incident sent her into a panic attack while in jail. FOX23 looks into the claims she's making about the incident HERE.