5 Things to Know: Officer funeral, Santa story possible hoax

Health Department: Oklahoma mumps outbreak impacts vaccinated patients

A recent outbreak of mumps in Oklahoma impacts even patients vaccinated against the disease. Health departments around the state are investigating outbreaks in two counties. Follow the spread of the virus and get information on how to stay healthy HERE.

Broken Arrow to gather at officer's funeral

A community mourning the death of an officer gathers Thursday to honor his memory. FOX23 will carry  the funeral services for Eugene Orr on-air and on THIS live stream at 2 p.m. Orr was killed in a motorcycle crash in Coweta over the weekend. For more information about his funeral and to help his family, check THIS story.

Doubt surrounds Santa’s story about dying child

A heartbreaking story of a kind Santa and a dying child has been called into question, and the newspaper that published it has now disavowed it. The heartbreaking account of the child's last moments HERE may not be true. The newspaper's statement on the account HERE.

What you need to know about the Yahoo hack

FOX23 reported Wednesday night that as many as one billion Yahoo accounts may be compromised in a 2013 security breach. The hack appears to be the largest security breach of all time, according to the Associated Press. The information that may be compromised and how to know if your account was impacted HERE.

Police search for suspects in more than 20 break-ins

Tulsa police say two men could be behind more than 20 break-ins around Tulsa. A person of interest was named in the case, and FOX23 got exclusive video of the incredibly quick heists. Check out the video and see if YOU can help solve the case HERE.