5 Things to Know: Italy earthquake, 6th homicide in 2 days

Two teens in east Tulsa say someone opened fire near them at 21st and South 129th. The gunfire hit a man in the back. He was hospitalized but died at the hospital. FOX23 follows up with investigators as they search for the shooter. CLICK to follow up on the investigation.

A massive 6.2 earthquake shook Italy in towns near Rome. The USGS anticipates significant casualties and economic losses from the quake as crews race to dig victims out of the rubble. FOX23 checks in on the rescue missions, survivors and death tolls HERE.

A woman's family talked with FOX23 after she was killed in what police think was a violent crime spree by one man. They say she was working to turn her life around and was insistent on helping others do the same. They believe that is why she is dead. They think she helped the wrong person. Lana Ellsbury's family shares her story in a spike of Tulsa homicides on FOX23 HERE.

An Oklahoma inmate didn't hesitate to step in and help when he saw a guard under attack by a fellow prisoner. Surveillance video shows Tashka Robert Frank Maret, 24, throw a punch at a jailer at the Payne County Jail. Then, Maret picked up the guard and threw him to the ground. WATCH the video and learn more about the situation HERE.

A recent deposition from former Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor uncovers potential wrong-doing inside Tulsa Transit. The deposition comes in the federal case of six Tulsa Transit workers fired for allegedly printing off and selling bus passes. READ MORE about how Taylor claims she tried to stop it and what's next in the allegations HERE.