5 Things to Know: Crutcher response grows, Charlotte officer-involved shooting

Meetings, rallies, vigils planned in Tulsa officer-involved shooting

Wednesday opens with a series of meetings and rallies in the fifth day of reaction after Terence Crutcher's death. FOX23 plans to meet with the family's attorney and other groups will host meetings and conferences. Find FULL coverage HERE.

Deadly North Carolina officer-involved shooting sparks protests

More than a dozen officers were injured in protests following the officer-involved shooting of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott. Officers say he was armed while his family argues he only had a book with him. The shooting prompted immediate outrage. FOX23 follows the aftermath of the protests and the investigation HERE.

Allergy season: Round 2

Fall typically means leaves on the ground, storms and more pollen in the air for allergy sufferers. Ragweed makes its appearance at the end of summer and ramps up until freezing temps make an appearance. The FOX23 Severe Weather Team details what you can expect HERE.

Driver barely misses child in east Tulsa crash

An east Tulsa crash put a car into a family's living room, just feet from where a child was sleeping. Investigators say the driver sped off, hitting another car on the way out. FOX23 follows any new information police have about the suspect HERE.

Wells Fargo CEO surprised by intensity of Senate panel

Peppered with criticism for nearly three hours at a hearing Tuesday, the CEO of the nation's second-largest bank faced calls for his resignation from harshly critical senators. After being lauded for navigating Wells through the financial crisis that struck in 2008, Stumpf faces what may be an even greater challenge. A deeper look at the challenges faced HERE.