Second eminent domain meeting held for part of Tulsa's Pearl District

VIDEO: Second eminent domain meeting held for part of Tulsa's Pearl District


  • The City of Tulsa could buy up to 45 properties located between 4th & 6th Street from Madison to Owasso in the Pearl District for a water retention project.
  • Some homeowners are upset because they don't want to give up their homes to this project.
  • The City of Tulsa, through use of eminent domain, would take the 45 properties for a stormwater detention project, which they say will reduce flooding downstream.
  • Officials said there's some flooding issues downstream of this area, and there's currently only one underground drainage structure that's being overwhelmed. This area also flooded during 1984 flood. They've been studying stormwater issues in this area since then.
  • The project is partly paid for through 2014 Improve Our Tulsa bond issue. It's a 3-part project. Phase one was in early 2000's on the pond at Centennial Park at 6th & Peoria Avenue. Phase 2 is called the West Pond. Phase 3 will be the East Pond with a 6th Street canal connecting it to Centennial Park. The properties they're buying now is all for just the West Pond, phase 2.
  • Officials are working to buy all properties in next year or two, no exact timeline is set on this phase of the project yet.
  • So far, two public meetings have been held between residents and city officials.

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