25 Afghan refugees are spending their first full day in Green Country

TULSA, Okla. — Afghanistan refugee families flew into the Tulsa International Airport on Dec. 29, after escaping the violent chaos in their country last Aug.

64 resettlers have arrived in Tulsa this week alone, from safe havens across the U.S, which is one of the largest groups to relocate here so far.

Adin Costanzo, from Catholic Charities met them at the airport.

“It’s really important to give them a big welcome,” Castanzo said. “To see the relief on their faces when they walk out and see friendly faces just to help them feel welcome, for me makes me feel better.”

Catholic Charities is supporting them while they are getting used to life in Tulsa time. So far, Tulsa has welcomed 500 refugees, ages ranging from one month old to 71.

Genevieve Schmitt is in charge of resettlement at Catholic Charities and said the refugees have been through a lot.

“There are unimaginable things that they have witnessed to personal family members, immediate family members and all of them are scared,” Schmitt said.

Hundreds of volunteers are helping and they’ve moved 15 families in their new homes this week. They are expecting 50 to 60 more refugees to arrive next week and by the end of Feb. there will be about 800 refugees beginning a new life in Tulsa.