2023 USA Gymnastics Championship creates hope for Oklahoma gymnasts

TULSA, Okla. — More than 1,600 of the nation’s best gymnasts are heading to Tulsa for the USA Championships -- which is expected to be a huge economic boost.

Young athletes said this is not only good for the economy, but their dreams to one day compete in the Championships.

12-year-old Lailah Danzy is already making a name for herself, nationally.

“I competed in the international championships and placed second by .15,” she said.

She trains nearly 20 hours a week in Broken Arrow at Pride Gymnastics Academy with other kids wanting to become elite gymnasts and representing America.

When Lailah heard the USA Championships are coming to Tulsa, it was a surreal feeling.

Her coach, David Finning, said the championships coming to Tulsa is not just big for the city, but young athletes like Lailah.

“It’s going to create an environment that fosters a lot of desire to make it there and that’s what our sport needs. Life is filled with moments and there are going to be so many great moments that happen at the BOK and I know there are going to be a ton of our athletes that are going to be there,” Finning said.

Lailah said she’ll be in the stands watching, but hopes one day she’ll competing in the USA Championships.

“Sometimes it does get hard because there’s days I don’t want to come in -- I’m so sore or tired but to be able to get to where I want to be I have to push through that,” she said.

Tulsa Regional Tourism staff tell me this will bring in $3.3 million to the city. The Championship games are June 2023.