2022 Summer in Lock-Step with 2012’s Brutal Season

TULSA, Okla. — 2012 was the hottest year on record for Tulsa and the 6th hottest summer in the record books, but it seems like 2022 is catching up.

The consistent searing heat, combined with drought, brought 38 days of 2012 to the century mark or above for highs.

As of July 13, we have seen 8 days at or above 100 degrees this year.

By July 13 in 2012, there had been 9 days at or above 100 degrees.

The heat of 2012 peaked at the end of July into early August, when high temperatures reached 112 degrees 3 days in a row with two morning lows only dropping to 88 degrees, the warmest minimum temperatures in Tulsa history.

2022 is bound for above-average number of days in the triple-digits as well and could end up falling close to 2012 in the record books.