• Mixon interrogation video reveals new details into 2014 incident

    By: Jeff Kolb


    NORMAN, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • The 2014 interrogation video of Joe Mixon was released Tuesday.
    • Mixon plays football for the University of Oklahoma.
    • He is accused of punching a woman in 2014.
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    FOX23 received video footage Tuesday from the Norman Police Department of a 2014 interrogation of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.

    The interrogation took place after Mixon reportedly punched a woman at a Norman restaurant.

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    With his lawyers and mother by his side, Mixon told now retired Detective David Freudiger his account of the July 28th, 2014 fight between himself and OU student Amelia Molitor.

    In the video, Mixon started by saying he had never been in trouble with the law before or had alcohol or drugs.

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    He said it all started when Molitor blew cigarette smoke in his face after approaching him and some teammates, and teammate Mark Andrews came face to face with Molitor.

    Then, Mixon said Molitor went inside of Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe, accusing Mixon of trying to jump her.
    "Nobody was trying to jump her," Mixon is heard saying in the video. "Nobody had a problem with her. She was just being disrespectful."

    When Mixon heard Molitor accusing him of trying to jump her, he said he too went inside of the cafe. 

    Mixon claimed a man with Molitor called him a racial slur, prompting a response, including homophobic slurs of his own.

    He said Molitor then pushed him, which he said "felt like a dude," and his "reaction was just right there."

    After Mixon reportedly punched the woman, the video shows that he said he felt bad.

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    "I felt hella bad," said Mixon. "I mean even though like she hit me and it hurt. It was just like the fact that me being out of character and putting myself in a stupid situation. I just thought -- thinking about the future and everything else."

    The woman and her friend said that Mixon and other athletes were harassing her friend, because he was gay. They said Mixon followed them inside the restaurant to continue to harass them. She reportedly slapped him after he uttered a slur, and Mixon reportedly responded with a punch.

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    "Where my difficulty lies is she's 5'7", 130, and you're 6'2", 220, and even when she pushes there's an opportunity for you to go," the interrogator said to Mixon in the video.

    Mixon's attorney responded, saying, "She initiated physical confrontation."

    "I think he's allowed to return a punch with a punch," he continued. "Now, do I completely understand the chivalrous implications of a guy should never hit a girl? Absolutely, but as I explained to them that's why our lady holding the scales of justice has the blindfold around because gender and color there's no distinction. It's a defense issue."

    "Here's my deal," the interrogator said. "If he pushes back I'm fine, if he grabs her arms and says don't put your hands on me I'm fine."

    One of Mixon's attorneys remembered his conversations with Mixon and several of his teammates about Molitor. "Like they said - like she was looking for a fight," the attorney said of their description of her.


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