1922 phonograph donation brings back memories at Broken Arrow senior center

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — With the crank of a handle and the slow turn of a record, the LIFE Senior Services Adult Day Center in Broken Arrow takes a walk down memory lane.

A family who used the non-profits services in the past donated a 1922 phonograph to the day center. Michael Fauvell, site manager for the location near New Orleans and Elm Place, says the family found the relic as they were getting ready to sell their parent’s home.

“It still works! You have to crank it, there is no electricity attached to it,” explained Fauvell. “You put the album on there and it starts to play.”

Fauvell says the family thought about selling it, looking it up to find similar models in this condition sold for about $1000, but they ultimately thought of LIFE.

“We don’t expect anything, we are non-profit. We do it because we love what we do,” Fauvell said. “It makes us feel very appreciated and also that they think so much of us that they would give us such a valuable donation.”

But more than the monetary value, its the memories the phonograph brings back that make this donation valuable.

“Many of our participants suffer from memory loss,” Fauvell said. “The things that they do remember are brought out in this music. They remember the words, the stories. There are many things they may forget but when the music starts, many of those memories come back to life.”