• 12-year-old Tulsa boy awarded after breaking into car to save toddler locked inside


    TULSA, Okla. - A 12-year-old Tulsa boy is being hailed a hero after he broke into a car and saved a toddler locked inside.

    It happened at a shopping center Monday afternoon, the hottest day of the summer so far. A woman and her son were walking into the store when they saw the 2-year-old boy crying in a locked car.

    Nikki Fields says her son used a ratchet strap from her car and then part of a clothes rack from inside a store to break the windshield of the car.

    He then crawled inside and unlocked the car to get the toddler out.

    Safe Kids Tulsa Area say there have been 34 heat stroke-related deaths around the country this year -- but none in Oklahoma.

    They awarded the boy with a Badge of Courage certificate.

    Police say the toddler was red-faced and in a bit of distress, but otherwise OK. He was checked out by paramedics at the scene and did not have to go to a hospital.

    Police say they found the mother of the toddler inside the store. She said she thought there was another adult in the vehicle when she got out. Officers questioned that, asking if that were the case, why would she shut the car off and lock it.

    Police say they still aren't exactly sure what happened.

    Officers ended up giving the mother at $250 ticket under the “Forget Me Not” law. They say they did not arrest her for child neglect because the kid was OK and this was her first offense.

    Police say the child remains with his mother, but there will be a Department of Human Services investigation.


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