12-year-old girl’s brave, quick response saves family from fire in Clinton

CLINTON, Okla. — An entire family was saved from a burning home in Clinton – all thanks to a 12-year-old girl. The Clinton Fire Department is hailing her a hero.

There’s not much left of the couch Deysi Aguirre was sleeping on when everything went up in flames. On Wednesday, she went back to the house for the first time since that night.

“I heard everything first,” she said.

Sparks from a nearby electrical cord woke her up from a sound sleep Saturday night.

“I was sleeping right here and the fire started right there, so I was really close to the fire,” Aguirre said.

Flames spread to the side table and couch.

“I started screaming my aunt’s name,” she said.

Quick on her feet, she grabbed what was most important to her – her family.

“I can’t remember what I was thinking, but I was just trying to get them out,” said Aguirre.

She saved three siblings and three cousins, all sleeping in the next room over.

She woke them up and ran to a neighbor’s house.

“She’s an amazing little girl. She’s far beyond her years,” said Lt. Dylan Abner with the Clinton Fire Department.

Aguirre is the first to receive an award from the fire department.

“We put together the Clinton Fire Department Award for Courage and Bravery. It’s just something we felt like we should do for her,” Abner said.

“Everyone told me I’m a hero. I feel good because I saved my family,” said Aguirre.

The family is asking for donated clothing, especially for Aguirre’s mom and dad, as they rent a new place in town. Contact the Clinton Fire Department if you would like to help.