McAlester mom who used to live in Lake Charles offers help after Hurricane Laura

A McAlester mom and her family are headed to Lake Charles, with $1,000 worth of supplies and donations.

The mom used to live in Lake Charles, so the destruction hits close to home.

She knows at least five people who lost all of their belongings.

Many of her friends have no power or water in the summer heat.

Her family will be in Lake Charles, Sunday and Monday, handing out supplies and helping friends with cleanup.

They have a trailer loaded with water, Gatorade, batteries, bug spray, diapers, wipes, anti-itch/Benadryl cream, children’s clothes and shoes, extension cords, tarps of different sizes, baby clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste and an abundance of non-perishable food items.

“The street I used to live on, I’ve seen pictures of it. I’ve had friends say hey you’re coming down to bring supplies, but brace yourself. It’s a lot to see,” she said.