• EPISODE 2: Burger Brothers go to Linda-Mar


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    The Burger Brothers visited the east side location of Linda-Mar in episode two of Burger Brothers. 

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    The restaurant started in 1961 and is known for it's east side and west side burgers. There are two locations in Tulsa. 

    Owner Mike McCutchen talked to the burger brothers about the secret of the Linda-Mar burger: "everything fresh, everything greasy, everything hot."

    The iconic burger joint is named after McCutchen's former sister-in-law Linda and her sister Margaret. Over the years he says it's been a family affair with his brothers, nieces and nephews all working at Linda-Mar with them. 

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    The restaurant has a racing theme and the Andy Griffith show is always playing on the TV. McCutchen thinks it helps with the old fashioned burger theme, but admitted in football season sometimes one of the TVs will have an OU, OSU or TU game on for the fans. 

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    Known for burgers, the jalapeno chicken is also a big grabber, they've even had people fly in from other states to eat there! 

    Everyone who visits goes away with a little something says McCutchen, "If you ain't got a little grease on you then you ain't been to Linda-Mar." 

    You can check the hours here and make plans to stop by! 

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