FOX23 Holiday Homes Contest

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FOX23 Holiday Homes - Congratulations to all of our winners!

Congratulations to all of the winners in this year’s FOX23 Holiday Homes Contest! Each of the winners listed below won a $100 gift card from WeStreet Credit Union!

Week 1 (announced on 12/02/2022) — Winning Home: Jason Morgan of Jenks, OK; Winning Voter: Carrie Christensen

Jason wrote this about his display: “With 3 facing sides, our home has So. Many. Lights! 1000 ft of C9 lights, a 20 Ft dancing tree of lights, hundreds of feet of lighted garland, 4 lighted wreaths, mini lights, net lights, and more!”

Week 2 (announced on 12/09/2022) — Winning Home: Kimmi McKenzie of Claremore, OK; Winning Voter: Linda Mayfield

Kimmi wrote this about her display: “It’s a true country Christmas! When you live in the country and things inside your home break or get upgraded, you put them out in the yard….we repurpose ours and put them on display. At first it was only one toilet that we replaced when we bought our home, and being from the city we noticed that so many people in the country have piles of old home fixtures and appliances just laying out in their yards so I thought it would be funny to do the same but use it as a planter. Then one day our neighbors snuck over started adding their own old toilets around the tree and now there are three!”

Week 3 (announced on 12/16/2022) — Winning Home: Kendall Aylward of Sapulpa, OK; Winning Voter: Laurie Kaiser

Kendall wrote this about her photo: “Our first Christmas as a family of 3 ❤️”

Week 4 (announced on 12/23/2022) — Winning Home: Robert Slankard of Broken Arrow, OK; Winning Voter: Sabrina Linvick

Robert wrote this about his display: “We’ve been doing it 31 years, and we have over 100,000 lights, 500 blowmolds, and animated motionettes in buildings. We have a Santa workshop in our shed for the Christmas season. We also do donations for Broken Arrow Neighbors: cash, canned goods, and QR code.”

The contest is now closed to new submissions and votes, but you can still enjoy viewing all of the wonderful photos and videos in the gallery until January 1, 2023.