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Why TV?

1. Which advertising medium reaches the most people?

On an average day, adults spend 236.6 minutes watching television. That’s more than Newspaper, Radio, and magazines combined? 

2. Why choose television over radio or newspaper?

Television is the most influential medium. Television ranks number one in being the most influential medium with 79.1%, Newspapers having 7.4%, Internet having 6.7%, magazines with 3.8%, radio with 3.0% 

3. How is advertising on television better than the yellow pages?

83% of what we remember is what we’ve seen. Television is the only medium that offers, sight, sound, color, motion, and emotion. 

4. When can I expect results from advertising on television?

As with any other medium for advertising, television takes time to ingrain your advertising message in the mind of the consumers. Repetition is the key to a successful advertising campaign 

5. How can I be sure that advertising on television will work for me?

Television works 100% of the time. In order for it to work effectively you must create a commercial that your customers will remember and place your message in the correct programs. 

6. Why should I choose broadcast television over cable?

Broadcast TV gives you the possible way of delivering your message consistently through targeted programming. 

7. Where do people go to get local news, weather, sports, etc.?

78% of Americans get their news from their local television station 

8. How will I know which programs my commercial will reach my customers?

At FOX23, we will conduct research based on your customer’s demographics, which will designate which programs will be most effective. 

9. How do I know advertising on local broadcast TV will reach my customers?

TVB study reveals that local broadcast news viewers are most likely to trust local news writers and on-air 

10. How many hours a day to households spend watching television?

In 2010, the average household spent 8 hours and 21 minutes watching per day.

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