• Woman charged in 8-year-old's death arrested

    By: Farron Salley


    TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - A woman charged with DUI and second-degree murder in a car crash that killed an 8-year-old girl is now in custody.
    People living near Jennifer Shriver talked to FOX23 about Shriver.
    A FOX23 viewer called in a tip to police and led them to the mobile home where Shriver was located.
    A neighbor told FOX23 she was surprised about the charges against her neighbor.
    “I’d heard mention of it, drunk one night she was talking about it but I didn’t ever prod or ask questions,” said Amber Floyd, a neighbor.
    Floyd lives with her 2-year-old daughter. She knew her neighbor, Shriver, as “Jay.”
    “She’s always been nice to us, helped us if we needed something,” said Floyd.
    But she heard about the arrest Tuesday, and FOX23 told her that Shriver was accused of driving into a vehicle and killing a little girl.
    Floyd defended her neighbor.
    “I think she’s way better than people assume just because she accidentally killed somebody. We’ve all done accidental stuff, never killed anybody maybe, but still made a mistake you couldn’t take back,” said Floyd.
    Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King said he’s glad a concerned citizen turned her in.
    “We have dealt with her on multiple occasions,” said King.
    He said when police and sheriff deputies came out Shriver went willingly into custody.
    King said his officers have dealt with her for more than one DUI. FOX23 checked her records online and found Shriver has five previous DUI convictions and has already served prison time for some.

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