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Why police are confident Campbell is the only serial assault suspect

by: Sara Whaley Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - Prosecutors are expected to charge Desmond Campbell with seven sexual attacks on women throughout to June.

Campbell wrecked his car early last Sunday morning just 10 minutes after police said he left his last victim.

Police said Campbell is still in a coma at Saint Francis Hospital. Since police announced him as a suspect, many Tulsans have been asking the same question: How are police certain that Campbell is the only suspect?

“I hope this does give them some peace and all the women in Tulsa,” Police Chief Chuck Jordan said at the end of Thursday’s news conference.

Some were able to take a sigh of relief, but others weren’t so confident.

“We don’t feel that sense of relief yet. Until we know. Until we have hard evidence, I’m still not feeling that safe,” Allison Benesh said. 

Those are just a couple of the things that Tulsa women have said to FOX23 in recent days. One left a comment on the FOX23 Facebook Page saying, “I’m still not sure how they knew it was him.”

Another asked, “who really knows if he was the one?”

Saturday Tulsa police addressed some of those concerns. They said there is no serial rapist on Tulsa streets.

Officials told FOX23 that they can’t release all of the evidence at the time, but they said they have proof that Campbell is connected to all seven crimes.

Police said they wouldn’t have called off the 50-person Special Task Force is they thought someone was still out there.

Even with the reassurance, some Tulsans said they continue being overly aware.

“It’s nice. It’s great that they think they’ve caught him, but I guess we will just have to wait and see how it goes,” Amanda Rink said.

Police have to be very careful about the details they release. If Campbell survives his injuries this case will most likely go to trial and officers don’t want to jeopardize the investigation.