• Vandals strike Tulsa Raceway Park

    By: Rick Maranon


    TULSA, Okla. - Before monster trucks take to the mud this weekend at the Tulsa Raceway Park, some vandals were up to their own dirty tricks Wednesday night.
    “I don’t know anyone who we’ve made mad. Every one of our events. It’s been great. We’ve had no injuries, no problems. When they leave here, they’re happy,” Keith Haney said.

    Haney and Jimmy Boles manage the park. They said they found their racing sensors and lights shattered and smashed, but oddly, nothing was stolen. The lights and sensors are a vital part of keeping time when it comes to this weekend’s muddy monster truck races.

    “Everything was just vandalized. They busted every one of the sensors and pulled the cords out of them. They tried to break every bulb, light and everything else that went to the whole,” Boles said.

    Haney said he has no idea who helped themselves to his lights.

    "We invest our time and our money into the community of racing, and then we have someone come in here and It just feels like I’ve been kicked in the head while I was laying down,” Haney said.

    The track is getting a new light and sensor kit that will arrive first thing Friday morning. When the racing is not going on staff members will be keeping an eye on the new equipment through the night. 

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