Tulsa's CASHnip Kitty to launch website for Tulsa Day Center fundraising

By: Cailey Dougherty , Greg Brown


TULSA, Okla - Quick facts:

  • People are donating money to Tulsa-area homeless by playing with a cat.
  • The downtown Tulsa cat, or CASHnip Kitty, plays a game in which people poke dollars through a slot in a door and it takes the money.
  • The money goes towards the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.
  • After gaining national attention, the cat's owners are launching a website to accept online donations for the center.


Leave the catnip at home, because this little guy is putting his nine lives toward helping others in Green Country.

A rescue cat in downtown Tulsa's East Village District is helping raise money for the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

The cat lives full-time at GuRuStu, a marketing company near Third and Kenosha.

Owners say the fur-friendly fundraising started a week ago, when people began playing with the cat by poking dollar bills through a slot in the glass and Sir Whines A Lot, the "Cashnip Kitty," took their money.

Then, the money started pouring in as others learned about Sir Wines A Lot's trick.

Owners of the company say the cat has collected more than $100 so far, and they are donating every dollar given to him to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

In the days since people started playing with him, Sir Whines A Lot has become so popular that he has his own Facebook page. His owners plan to launch a website on Monday to accept online donations. The site will direct donations to a fund at the Tulsa Community Foundation, who will then handle tax receipts and transfer the money to the Tulsa Day Center.

Owners say anyone can come by and see the Cashnip Kitty every day of the week, but he reportedly brings in the most money on Friday and Saturday nights.

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