• I-244 ramp opened after semi rollover, chemical spill


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police shut down Highway 244 and evacuated businesses in Tulsa after a semi rolled over there Tuesday.

    The semi reportedly rolled over near Highway 11 and Highway 244 around 3 p.m.

    Police shut down the highway and Admiral in both directions from Highway 169 to Memorial due to leaking material. They also diverted drivers off of Highway 11. The Highway 11 ramps to Highway 244 was closed.

    The Department of Public Service said Highway 244 reopened around 6 p.m., the ramp from Highway 11 opened before 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday 

    Police said they evacuated people from a nearby hotel and other businesses. They said there are explosion concerns.

    HAZMAT responded to the scene.

    FOX23 received video from within the scene. 

    Police said the area was toxic.

    FOX23 learned that the truck was carrying organic peroxide, which can cause severe burns and eye damage on contact.

    Crews expected cleanup to take between four and five hours.

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