• Tulsa police search for teens they say are responsible for crime spree

    By: Jonathan McCall


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police said they are trying to find a handful of kids accused of carrying out a crime spree.
    The spree involves a variety of thefts near 71st and Lewis in the last few days. Police said the group was seen with high-powered guns and driving a stolen truck.
    Police have taken two juveniles into custody but they think there could be between three and seven others responsible.
    The teens were spotted by officers early Tuesday near 73rd and Wheeling. Sgt. Lance Eberle said officers chased the group through a drainage tunnel but could only catch up with one.
    A few hours later officers spotted a truck that was reported stolen on Monday.
    “Officers just happened to spot it pulling out onto Lewis,” Eberle said. The suspects then fled into an apartment complex on foot.
    Officer caught up with another one at the Southern Hills Villa apartments. Eberle said the guns the teens had were taken from the stolen truck.
    He said he also believes the group could be connected to other crimes across the city.
    “There’s some indication that they’re involved in other burglaries and auto thefts as well,” Eberle said.
    Police said they are continuing to search for the other suspects.

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